RADAR Altimeter for Experimental Aircraft

What is FlareAssist(tm), and why should I use this?

Barometric altimeters are very useful at higher altitudes, but they are not accurate enough to be helpful when nearing  water or terrain.  So pilots must learn to use visual clues to judge the aircraft’s altitude, to maintain terrain clearance; and to arrest the  rate of descent for flare and landing.  Unfortunately, visual clues are not always available or can be dangerously misleading.

FlareAssist(tm) uses rapid pulses of radar to calculate the distance to the surface, then annunciates the height in the pilot's headset.  This allows the pilot to devote all  his attention to flying the aircraft while knowing the actual height of the aircraft above the surface.  FlareAssist(tm) offers a simple, accurate and economical radar altimeter for the experimental seaplane or floatplane pilot.


The entire system is contained in a small, lightweight, and water resistant housing mounted outside the aircraft, typically on a wing strut or fuselage hard point.  A custom stainless steel bracket is provided for the Searey.

Power to, and audio from FlareAssist(tm) are carried by a small cable to the interior of the aircraft.  Power can be provided by a DC port (cig lighter) or wired to a panel switch / circuit breaker.

Audio connects to the pilots headset by mini plug to MP3 jack or wired directly to the intercom.

The FlareAssist(tm) may be installed on (or moved to) another aircraft with a simple calibration handled with pressing a button on power up!