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Ferrying a Searey

I've been flying Seareys since late 2017 and have amassed about 160 hours to date. In early March I flew a Searey over to your shop to have a Flare Assist device installed for the new owner. I departed your airport for Zephyrhills, with a stop in Winter Haven for lunch and to refuel. The approach to land at Winter Haven was my first opportunity to execute a landing with Flare Assist and I think it worked 'as advertised.' Just recently I completed a 15-hour cross-country in the same plane, departing Zephyrhills (KZPH) to Grosse Ile, Michigan (KONZ) for delivery to the new owner. I used Flare Assist during each of the legs and I think as I used it, my touchdowns became more consistent. I think that is because, in part, your EYES provide a pretty good reference to your height above the runway . . . but the audio feedback on altitude, COMBINED with the visual reference, allows you to 'fine tune' your runway contact and flare. I would recommend Flare Assist to any Searey owner!

Bob Gibson (Florida) , Mar 22, 2021
Searey Install

As a first time SeaRey owner and builder, I made the decision to incorporate the Flare Assist radar into my Experimental build to give me enhanced situational awareness for both land and sea operations. A simple audio call out over the planes intercom provides a very reliable radar input that is desired for glassy water landings and have found it to be extremely helpful in mastering two wheel landings in the SeaRey as well. I would highly recommend this product for any Experimental builder out there.

Rob Britts (Florida) , Mar 21, 2021
FlareAssist Radar on my Seawind

I purchased a FlareAssist Radar in April of 2020. I am building a second Seawind now and your radar altimeter will likely go into this build as well.

H. Matthew Johnson (Big Fork, Montana) , Mar 8, 2021
Installed on our Searey

I installed the FlaresAssist but did not get a chance to hardwire it in; I just plugged into the auxiliary port for power. I’m very impressed with how it works; definitely makes it easier to land on the river!

Nils Mantzoros (Mill Hall, PA) , Nov 12, 2020
FlareAssist on our Lancair Evolution

I have had a chance to use the Flare Assist that we installed on our Lancair Evolution and it works great! It REALLY helps with night landings when the ground is closer than it seems. I am looking forward to greasing it on every time! Kathy Velazco

Kathy Velazco (Joneboro, GA) , Apr 24, 2020
FlareAssist installed on my Searey

I've got enough time in the airplane to where I'm pretty comfortable that I can get it down in normal circumstances. That being said, anytime I am faced with a challenge, I am truly thankful the FlareAssist Radar is onboard and I make sure it is turned on!

Dan McKenzie (FL) , Dec 21, 2018
Searey Build

<p>I am still in the reconstruction process of my Searey VH YES.</p> <p>The reason i purchased the “Flare Assist” for my old/new bird wasn’t a hard decision, if you want to live!</p> <p>Being only a low hour seaplane pilot, we all know things can happen quickly when you get “busy” on a water landing.  Naturally here in Aus we have an abundance of water strips.</p> <p>I have a lot of mates that do have more “water landing time” than myself and always the same approach to glassy water landings with the same “mantra” - be bloody careful and take your time with your descent in hand with your altimeter.</p> <p>The “Flare Assist” is the co-pilot that you need when you're in a seaplane (or land plane), but like all co-pilots you should always confirm and check.</p> <p>The “Flare Assist Product” is a “No Brainer” in my books, now you just need it also to have a dual facility to tell when the landing gear is up and down.</p>

Phil Clare (Australia) , Apr 30, 2018