The FlareAssist™ Radar Unit consists of the five following parts:

FlareAssist Radar Module:

Audio Cable:

The Audio Cable connects the Splitter Cable to the aircraft audio:

  • Through either a music input, such as a audio connection (music input) at your intercom
  • Cut the cable and wire into a Un-Switched Audio input on your intercom.  Audio is 16 ohms.

Power Cable:

The Power Cable connects from your power source to the Splitter Cable:

  • It may be plugged into a 12 volt power plug.  There is a switch with a 12 volt LED to enable visual confirmation of the unit being powered on.
  • Alternatively, you may cut the plug off and hard wire into your electrical through a panel mounted switch.

Splitter Cable:

The Splitter Cable runs from the FlareAssist™ unit to inside the aircraft.

Note: The Splitter Cable supplied is 8 Feet.  Additional length is available during checkout.

Mounting Bracket:

Other brackets will be available