FlareAssist (tm) Website Changes

Mar 22, 2021
Recent changes to the FlareAssist Radar (tm) website:

There are now (2) versions of the FlareAssist Radar.  A version with 30' Audio Calls, and a version with 100' Audio Calls.

I've added an editable text box on the checkout page for customers too add the brand / model of aircraft they intend to install the FlareAssist Radar (tm) onto.

As the popularity of the FlareAssist Radar grows, we are getting inquiries if the unit may be installed on a 28 volt electrical system.  I have added a drop down box to select 14 volt or 28 volt systems.

I've added a drop down box to select the cable length needed from the FlareAssist Radar (tm) unit to the cockpit.  Prior to ordering determine where the unit will be mounted, and measure the cable length needed.  Currently I have cable lengths up to 25' on the website.  If a longer length is needed, please contact us.