FlareAssist Gear Announce

Concerning 5G and Radar Altimeters:

“In the U.S., radar altimeters operate in what’s called C-band, a portion of the spectrum from 4.2 GHz to 4.4 GHz.  The new 5G wireless signals reside nearby in the 3.7-3.98 GHz range.  That’s close enough to give rise to concerns about signal interference.”

Excerpt from an article published by Forbes.com published November 4th, 2021.

FlareAssist(tm) Radar operates in the K-band of 18-27GHz, far removed from any potential for interference with 5G cellular.

Around the year 2005, the experimental aircraft community started development of products that rival what airline pilots have had in the cockpit for years.  Enter the FlareAssist(tm) Radar Altimeter for the average light aircraft pilot.  Development started in 2013, and 5 years and many hundreds of hours in testing we released the production version.

The FlareAssist ™ RADAR Altimeter verbally announces your altitude through your headset, not a panel-mounted instrument.

Initially developed for seaplane flying where glassy water conditions are a challenge for any pilot, the FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter has been embraced by pilots of all types of aircraft, not just seaplanes.  Here are a few examples where the FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter has been used:

  • Ultralight, Experimental, and Light Sport aircraft

  • Rotorcraft – Helicopters and AutoGyros

  • Night landings

  • CFI’s assisting student pilots with proper sight picture during landings

The FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter is contained in a small, lightweight, and water resistant housing mounted outside the aircraft, typically on a wing strut or fuselage hard point.

Power and audio from FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter are carried by a small cable to the interior of the aircraft.  Power can be provided by a DC port (cig lighter) or wired to a panel switch / circuit breaker.

Audio connects to the pilots headset by a mini plug to MP3 jack or wired directly to the intercom. The FlareAssist(tm) may be installed on (or moved to) another aircraft with a simple calibration handled with pressing of a button on power up.

The FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter is available in two versions, with each version starting verbal calls at either 30′ or 100′ above the surface:

FlareAssist(tm) RADAR Altimeter

Model FA30 Calls start at 30′. Remaining calls at 20′, 15′, 10′, 8′, 6′, 4′, 3′, 2′, and 1′
Model FA100 Calls start at 100′. Remaining calls at 80′, 60′, 40′, 20′, 15′, 10′, 8′, 6′, 4′, 3′, 2′, and 1′

FlareAssist+(tm) RADAR Altimeter
(with Gear Announcement)

Gear Announcement occurs at 60′:
“Gear is Up for Water”
“Gear is Down for Runway”

Model FA+30 Gear Announcement at 60′. Altitude calls at 30′, 20′, 15′, 10′, 8′, 6′, 4′, 3′, 2′, and 1′
Model FA+100 Gear Announcement at 60′ with altitude calls at 100′, 80′, 40′, 20′, 15′, 10′, 8′, 6′, 4′, 3′, 2′, and 1′

FlareAssist+(tm) RADAR Altimeter determines the landing gear position with a micro-switch or reed switch installed in the retraction system.