The following manuals are provided with each FlareAssist Radar unit:

General manual for:

        • Base Model FlareAssist Radar
        • FlareAssist+ Radar Gear with Gear Announcement

General Manual covers:

        • What is included
        • Cable Connections
  • Download the General Manual Here

Airframe Specific Installation Instructions:

Searey (Download)

If you wish to submit your installation please email

For the techs…

The following documents are provided for those who wish to eliminate the Splitter Cable and hard wire the FlareAssist Radar unit into the airframe.

Please pay careful attention to the pin-outs in the following downloads.  If power and ground are reversed internal damage will occur and will not be covered under warranty.

FlareAssist Radar (Version 3.1) Splitter Cable (Download)

FlareAssist+ Radar (Version 4.1) Splitter Cable (Download)